The domain is used by different persons and companies with the same name. The domain name has been put at disposition for domainsharing in order to maximize its benefit. Except for the identical name there is no organization or common activity.

Frequently asked questions

Can I obtain address and telephone number of one of the participants in
No information is provided about identities of people involved in domainsharing.

I have sent an e-mail to someone by using the address but I don’t get a response or I receive an e-mail 'recipient unknown'.
Not everybody can be reached through a mailing address at Every unique mailing address can be used by only one person. Check the mail address and be sure that the address indeed belongs to the right person.

I like the idea of domainsharing. Can I do this as well for my own name?
Often the domain names based on a single last name have been claimed already. Names that are not very common have a small chance of still being available. In case the address based on a country-code already is in use, the .net and .eu variants might still be available. For more information on domainsharing see Beurskens Digital Services which also is hosting

No legal responsibility will be accepted any for e-mails or other messages from users from the shared domain Each user is has his or her own responsibility. Beurskens Digital Services will not accept claims for damage related to the use of the shared domain.

More information on terms and conditions is available only on the info page in Dutch.